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Your new Platinum Elite Mentorship Program has been proven to fast track both personal and business success by focusing on what you are passionate about and applying it, with easy-to-use strategies, in this modern world.


If the "Platinum Elite Mentorship" is for you, then we may work together to:

  • Make your journey to health, fitness and abundant energy FUN instead of a chore.
  • ​Unpack and monetize your purpose
  • Unlock your peak personal and professional performance
  • Unlock the strategies that will allow you to prosper from your passion
  • Build more rewarding personal and professional relationships
  • Sharpen your ability to communicate and convey your ideas effectively
  • Boost your confidence in your ability to lead and inspire others
  • ​Learn the strategies to financial freedom
  • Open the heart and learn to attract love into your life
  • Lean to truly see that everything is on the way, not in the way so you may be at ease in the face of challenges as you welcome new horizons and opportunities into your life
  • Become inspired to step up, play a bigger game and once and for all - live your love!

"Dr Espen Can Take Your Life And Business To A Whole New Level"

Dr John Demartini

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The Difference Between A Coach and Mentor

When it comes to changing your life... having a coach is not enough. Your life matters. This is serious business. And that's why YOU NEED A MENTOR!

  • A Coach asks you to bring 100% to the table…
  • A Coach helps you sort through your ideas and creates clarity…
  • A coach keeps you accountable…
  • A coach tends to have specific experience in a specific area…
  • A coach often costs less…


  • ​A Mentor asks you to bring 50% to the table, so they can bring the other 50%…
  • A Mentor guides you toward what you need to do, based on their expert experience…
  • A Mentor helps you create valuable strategies and visions for your business…
  • A Mentor has been there and done it, at least 2-3 steps ahead of you…
  • A Mentor goes above and beyond to ensure you get life changing results...
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"Dr Espen is our company mentor, and head business coach to all our coaches, that speaks for itself"

Tyler Tolman - Health Revolutionist

Your new Platinum Elite Mentorship gives you access to Dr Espen and his team in the following ways:

Business Mastery

  • ​Business Start Up / Current Scale Blueprint and Implementation with Dr Espen and his Team (3 Days) Valued at $45,000.00 AUD
  • 12-month Business Plan with Dr Espen and his Team (Reviewed Quarterly) - Valued at $19,995.00 AUD
  • 90-Day Business Success Automation Online System Valued at $3995.00 AUD
Total Value = $68,990 AUD

Marketing Mastery

  • ​12-month Customised Marketing Plan with Dr Espen and his Team (Reviewed Quarterly) - Valued at $19,995.00 AUD
Total Value = $19,995 AUD

Life Mastery

  • ​12-month Life Mastery Plan with Dr Espen (Reviewed Quarterly) - Valued at $19,995.00 AUD
Total Value = $19,995 AUD

VIP Access To Retreats and Events

  • ​1 ticket to Dr Espen’s Exclusive Conscious Enterprise Retreat in Bali - Valued at $7995.00 AUD
  • ​1 ticket to Dr Espen’s Quantum Experience Advanced Seminar (Gold Coast, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane or Cairns) - Valued at $3,995 AUD
  • ​4 free VIP tickets to Dr Espen’s Quantum Experience Seminar - Valued at $188.00 AUD
Total Value = $12,178 AUD

Personal and Private Mentorship

  • 2 sessions per week for 2 weeks - Valued at $4000 AUD
  • 1 session per week for 10 weeks - Valued at $10,000 AUD
  • ​9 months of fortnightly Mentorship sessions (total 32 private Mentorship sessions) - Valued at $32,000 AUD
  • ​2 Full VIP Days in person per year where Dr Espen helps you create a Life by Grand Design with you! - Valued at $20,000.00 AUD
  • ​Private Access to Dr Espen’s Inner Circle including MasterMind And Medicine Retreat - Valued at $29,995.00 AUD
  • ​Including the revolutionary Quantum Coaching Method taking the coaching and mentorship world by storm - Valued at Priceless
Total Value = $95,995 AUD

"We turned to Dr Espen to facilitate our event in Australia. His presence and love is beyond measure"

Preethaji - Founder of O&O Academy and Personal Mentor to Tony Robbins


  • ​​Dr Espen Daily Platinum Elite Checklist - FREE
  • Meditation for Super Performance - FREE
  • A Journey To The Soul Guided Meditation - FREE
  • Unlimited personal access to Dr Espen through personal email support - FREE
  • Access to Dr Espen's personal Facebook - FREE Unlimited support Mon-Fri 8am-6pm
Total Value = Priceless



  • ​Dr Espen’s 10-Day Detox by Design Program - Valued at $97 AUD
  • 5 Pillars To Prosper In Business Audiobook and Bonus DVD - Valued at $17 AUD
  • Fast Track Formula For Daily Productivity Mastery Valued at $7 AUD
  • Ebook Collection - Valued at $35 AUD
  • Access to Dr Espen's Personal Facebook - FREE Unlimited Support Mon-Fri 8am-6pm
Total Value = $156 AUD

Platinum Elite Mentorship

Total Value $217,309 AUD

But don't worry. You won't pay that. In fact, not even close to that. For a limited time we have opened this up to 2 places for ONLY $195,000 For 1 Year Of Elite Mentorship including all packages, courses, retreat tickets, events, workshops, implementation, personal mentorship, private support and MORE!

This Is An Investment of a Life Time! Start Your Journey Now...

Only 2 Spots Available

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Only 2 Spots Available

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